Cyberlante is Released!

Slightly ahead of schedule, we can proudly announce that our smartphone-shot film is now released and on Amazon! Do check out this article and this review by Midlands Movies, which includes links to the film. It would help us greatly if you could provide a review on Amazon and/or IMDb and spread the word on social media!

Also, just in, check out this GREAT REVIEW by ‘L’

Finally, to the cast, crew, supporters, crowdfunders and everyone involved, just check out these wonderful words from Lee Tracy and feel proud about what you have achieved:

“I watched Cyberlante fully for the first time last night. What a magical film. The atmosphere created, as with ‘Jake’ [ Do Something, Jake ] was a slow ride to start with then a build up of intrigue about who’s who and what is actually going on. As the story unfolds I found myself totally absorbed and fascinated. So much humour built in but without detracting from the serious side of the plot. It touches on subjects that many of us will be concerned about in this cyber, electronic world. Plenty to think about as it makes you perhaps double think a lot of what goes on behind that innocuous looking computer screen. The characters were great. Spot on in fact. The lead characters were just so good. All had that element of caricature about them that I loved in Jake too. So much to compliment. It’s a must see. It has atmosphere and intrigue in buckets full combined with that sense of humour that Raya Films work in brilliantly.
‘Calm down? Do I detect a hint of attitude?’
‘Are you sitting in a hot-tub!’
The lead was so convincing in his tolerance of his situation whilst trying to behave and holding back when insulted by the brilliant boss. The hotel manager played to perfection. So good. Soo irritating and arrogant you just want him to fall flat on his face. No spoilers here.
Anyway, I loved the film, it hits the spot in so many ways. Congratulations to Raya Films. Great Job. ❤️❤️”

© Raya Films

The film has been RELEASED and is now ONLINE for you to watch at these links:
Amazon UK and Amazon USA!



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