Cyberlante Impresses!

Well, some people don’t get it, but the overall impression of our smartphone-shot zero/micro-budget feature film has been overwhelmingly positive. Below is the latest from ‘Mad House’ on Amazon Prime (and for the cynics out there, we have no idea who this person is!)

Cyberlante is now available on Amazon Prime!

Not what I was expecting
“I have previously watched Do Something, Jake, which I enjoyed, so when I saw this hit Prime I wanted to watch it. I was expecting lots of gadgets and computers in the story line but it’s very simple and easy going as all you need is a laptop. Amazing how the film has been made on a smartphone, yes it is a little slow at the beginning but so are many Hollywood movies that have Millions$$ spent on them. Very well filmed and yes I would watch another made by the same director.” — Mad House [Amazon User Review]

© Raya Films

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