Cyberlante Impresses!

Well, some people don’t get it, but the overall impression of our smartphone-shot zero/micro-budget feature film has been overwhelmingly positive. Below is the latest from ‘Mad House’ on Amazon Prime (and for the cynics out there, we have no idea who this person is!)

Cyberlante is now available on Amazon Prime!

Not what I was expecting
“I have previously watched Do Something, Jake, which I enjoyed, so when I saw this hit Prime I wanted to watch it. I was expecting lots of gadgets and computers in the story line but it’s very simple and easy going as all you need is a laptop. Amazing how the film has been made on a smartphone, yes it is a little slow at the beginning but so are many Hollywood movies that have Millions$$ spent on them. Very well filmed and yes I would watch another made by the same director.” — Mad House [Amazon User Review]

© Raya Films

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Crowdfunding Launch for Sound Design

The rough cut of the film is complete and looking great, and so we’re CROWDFUNDING NOW for sound design! We take this stage very seriously, since every great film must have great sound.

There are many perks and rewards on offer via Greenlit and we have a professional team of sound designers and musicians 100% committed to this project!

We need your help to make Cyberlante the best film it can possibly be … support the campaign and then join us for the RED CARPET PREMIERE and on to promotion worldwide!


Cyberlante Offline Edit Complete

Well it’s great news in the post-production camp: the offline edit for Cyberlante is complete and coming in at around 80 minutes duration. The ‘offline’ edit is essentially a rough cut of the entire film without music, fancy graphics and all of those bells and whistles. It is, nonetheless, a good indicator of how the finished film will play out.

This is somewhat of a relief and a real achievement for all involved – experimental films can often fall short in many ways, but we believe we have a very watchable thriller with some great character acting!

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Cyberlante post-production underway

After a break of some months, we’re finally underway with editing of Cyberlante, our experimental feature film shot on a smartphone with some added gizmos and technology. The story behind the ‘making of’ Cyberlante so far – like many ‘indie’ films – is one of fighting fires and dealing with unexpected problems.

Cyberlante © Raya Films

Indeed, the first shoot was aborted due to a ‘crew issue’ that we didn’t see coming. Just so happened that the crew came with gear, so we lost that vital component as well! This afforded a rapid regroup, re-write, re-cast, and the adoption of lightweight smartphone technology, namely Google Pixel (original), Filmic Pro app, and various camera supports and stabilizers.

Emily Haigh on set of Cyberlante – Photo © David Ward

Strangely enough, this seemed to add extra energy and dynamism to the way in which we produced the film – much of the dialogue was improvised and we could shoot rapidly in real locations, out in the street, in apartments, and hotels. So, maybe our initial ‘hitch’ was fortuitous.

Dom Russo and Melanie Aumann – Photo © David Ward

The shoot was a hell of a ride, and we learned (and continue to learn) a lot about this relatively new way of filming. Now in post-production, we’re assessing what we did and it’s a case of, “Hey, that’s actually pretty damn good!”

Shooting Cyberlante – Photo © David Ward

Sponsored by Cyber Security experts PCrisk, we now forge ahead with this exciting smartphone project, so do keep in informed about release, screenings, festivals, and so on!

The Team @RayaFilms