World Premiere

The film has been released and is now ONLINE for you to watch at these links:
Amazon UK and Amazon USA!

Pictures and thoughts from the online WORLD PREMIERE!

“While in quarantine… I finally get to watch @CyberlanteMovie ! Congrats to @cspenceproducer @RayaFilms @jsmithwriter and the whole cast!♥️” — Emme Lentino

Actor Melanie Aumann on the Cyberlante Movie virtual red carpet! Melanie plays ‘Joanna’ in the film.

“Awesome film 🎞 couldn’t believe it has been done entirely by smartphone” — Peter Vasil, Baobab

Producer-screenwriter Caroline Spence and director James Smith

Actor Dywayne Thomas in style on the Cyberlante Movie virtual red carpet!

Singer-songwriter from ‘The Get’, Bruce Gordon, gears up to see the film!

“Thoroughly and totally enjoyed! 🎬 🎥 🎭 💥 👏 👏 👏 #filmmaking” — Ed Mahoo, filmmaker

Actor, Henk Brugge at his online premiere!

Thank you to all of our supporters, including Gary & Anne who sent this pic through after their first viewing!

Actor Henry Dawe says, “The whole premise was so well worked out”


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